Vandal Proof / Resistant Signs: Ano Panel

Example of Vandal Proof Sign in Edinburgh

AnoPanel is a totally bespoke service offering digital reproduction of any digital image onto an aluminium surface using sublimation technology. The process utilises a high definition decorative powder coating of aluminium with subsequent print decoration using a sublimation process.

The key feature of the ‘sublimation’ technology is that this is not just purely a surface finish but is ‘through the depth’ of the coating, to a depth of 80 micron creating a highly durable and ‘white line’ scratch resistant product.

AnoPanel lends itself well to the production of woodgrain type products and the polyurethane coating ensures that if the image takes a light scuff or scratch it will not be visible as a white line due to depth of penetration and inks. Numerous bespoke products can be achieved replicating; stone, marble, granite or alternatively a bespoke custom digital image.

Suitable for applications onto pre-formed aluminium and galvanised steel sheet profiles/ extrusions, the coating will remain in good condition and free from failure for a period of 10 years from coating.

Supported by a 10 year SUBLICOAT warranty, the AnoPanel sublimation fully meets the provisions of BS6496 (1984) and BS6497 (1984) including subsequent revisions.

  • Easy clean – Anti-vandal/graffiti resistant properties
  • Anti-bacterial option
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Totally bespoke products
  • Scratch resistant - no white lines
  • 10 year exterior warranty


If you would like to make an enquiry, or have any queries regarding our vandal proof signs service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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If you would like to make an enquiry, or have any queries regarding our vandal proof signs, please get in touch today.